Shifting from Obligation to Opportunity

Helping family members integrate and deploy their resources for their own and the world’s benefit.

Building a Family-Focused Office

Changing what it means to serve enterprising families.

Bringing Transparency to Family Wealth

Convening conversations about stuff that matters.

Going Beyond Stewards versus Inheritors

Encouraging emerging family leader-owner-elders.

Hi, I’m Scott.

I’m the President of a single family office and private trust company, an advisor to family members seeking a more authentic presence around wealth, a speaker and writer on family enterprise issues, a facilitator of difficult but generative conversations for business and family leaders, an expert on conflict and negotiation, and a Zen priest.

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Intentional Family Wealth: A Conscious Leadership Intensive

Facilitated by Scott Peppet and Sue Heilbronner

Thursday, June 10 (9am-5pm MT) and
Friday, June 11 (9am-4pm MT)

Conversations around family wealth are frequently undermined by ego, secrecy, anxiety,or defensiveness. Complex emotional and motivational issues obscure shared goals and aspirations. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can shift that dynamic.

Space in the program will be limited. Contact Sue today to apply.

Download the informational flyer.