About Me

My goal is to create a family-focused office, not a family office, and a trusted company, not a trust company.

In my current iteration, I am the President of a single family office and private trust company. As such, I use my legal, finance, and conflict resolution background to shape structures, processes, and patterns of behavior to help the family I serve flourish over the long-term.

I write about family enterprise issues, and occasionally will post such writings here. I welcome feedback.

Most of my career I have been a law professor at the University of Colorado Law School in Boulder, Colorado. There I taught contract law, negotiation, counseling family enterprises, the law of non-profits, and legal ethics. I have written books and academic work on these topics, as well as on privacy law and emerging technologies.

I am also an ordained priest and transmitted Soto Zen teacher in the related lineages of Kobun Chino Otakawa and Keibun Otakawa. I practice at the Hakubai Zen Center in Boulder, Colorado. I sometimes write about Zen here as well. Again, I welcome feedback.

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