Financial Capital Videos

Financial Capital Curriculum Spiral

This page archives my series of videos on Financial Capital. You are free to use these videos as you wish, so long as you are not charging in any way for their use.

These videos are organized in “rounds.” Each round covers various topics, including personal finance, investing, economics, accounting, and legal & stewardship issues. The rounds are designed to build on each other: the material in Round 1 is the most introductory, Round 2 adds complexity, and so on. The videos are grouped in this way–rather than by category (e.g., all the personal finance videos in a sequence, then all the investment videos, etc.)– because I find that moving through the rounds in order seems to work best. This aligns with my understanding of curriculum development, as described here. I think of each round as a trip around the financial capital curriculum spiral.

Round 1

Wage Income versus Investment Income (Personal Finance)

This video introduces wage versus investment income, and the concept of personal budgeting. These core concepts lay the foundation for understanding the importance of saving, as well as the need for learning to budget and invest.

Explore the spreadsheet
Do a Problem Set

What Do Things Really Cost (Personal Finance)

This video covers the idea of sales tax and income tax, and the difference between pre- and post-tax dollars. It lays the foundation for introducing personal budgeting.

Compound Interest (Investing)

This video introduces compound interest and the mechanics of compounding. It teaches compounding by explaining the basics of interest and then exploring how interest-on-interest builds over time.

Compounding & the Power of Time (Investing)

This video explores the importance of starting to save early, and the power of time in compounding.

Paying Interest on Debt (Personal Finance)

This video considers the power of compounding from the other side of the equation–when you are paying interest on debt, rather than earning interest on savings.

Compound Annual Growth Rate (Investing)

This video continues the discussion of compounding by explaining what a compound annual growth rate, or CAGR, is, and how it is a useful measure of an investment’s performance over time.

Spreadsheet Skills 1 (Spreadsheet Skills)

This video introduces spreadsheets and how to begin creating a simple spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Skills 2 (Spreadsheet Skills)

This video continues the introduction to spreadsheets, including formatting and charting.